NASCO (Nippon Aircraft Supply CO.,LTD) is a Japanese high technology company provided solution of “True Strength” to our customers as professional and a partner of advanced proven companies around the world throughout transfer technologies.

As the environment surrounding Japan changes rapidly, superior overseas technology and products have become indispensable for Japan’s defense and general products, There is a need for equipment that has already been proven and can be used in a truly.

At the same time, there is a need for capability of manufacturing, inspection and maintenance in Japan according to Japanese standards. Furthermore, products should be delivered to customers with high quality and Cost Effectiveness.

We provide comprehensive services that are completely different from other companies for a wide range of business development in Japan and the surrounding areas to create your high brand value together, We benefit both you and our customers.



Professionalism and Engineering knowledge

We are not just a trading company (Agent, Sales Representatives, Trading Company) or a messenger. We will place emphasis on deep learning full capability of your company, products and technical details to develop your solution as a professional in front of our customers. We will appropriately share a problem faced by our customers with you, build up winning strategies and find next-step faster, work forward archiving our goals together.



We are able to manufacture your products in Japan through transfer technology. We manufacture and inspect products according to the needs of Japan and our own quality standards. Furthermore, we will improve and optimize your products to meet the unique demands of Japanese customers. In addition, in order to increase the affinity for the Japanese market, we will increase the usage ratio of “Japanese parts” to support making your high brand value.


High Customer

In the Japanese market, it is extremely important to provide detailed and prompt after service and domestic maintenance to establish your brand value. We are able to get high customer satisfaction by providing after services and maintenance on your behalf by technology transfer.

Business Partner

We have a capability to develop your solution to Japanese market in an appropriate way with swift action. If you are interested in Japanese market, please free to contact us once and discuss a win-win scheme together.